Between 5 And 9 is a site specific installation that was constructed for the show TRACKING SIGNALS HIGH AND LOW at The Active Space Gallery in Bushwick. This installation captured major elements in the teachings of Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who paid special attention to the properties of odd numbers, which are recognized in two categories: in-composite (prime) and composite (divisible). Prime (incomposite) numbers are separated by the algorithm, known as the Sieve of Eratosthenes. In the installation Between 5 and 9, among all in-composite numbers, 5 was chosen to represent the classic Pythagoras Pentagram and the Golden Ratio. The smallest composite odd number 9 is also the Square of 3, a whimsical reference to the Pythagorean Theorem (squares of the sides of a triangle). Both numbers 5 and 9 represent any in-composite and composite number in the infinite set of odd numbers.

The installation consisted of three walls, approximately 10 feet apart, threaded together by 400 feet of continuous rope that stitched number 5 on the front wall and number 9 on the back wall, with a transitional wall in between. This middle wall with holes and rope traced through them looked like a sieve, separating incomposite number 5 from composite number 9. The installation Between 5 and 9 provided a visual version of the concept of The Sieve of Eratosthenes along with visual interpretation of the structured space between the abstract notions of numbers.

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