“Time is merely a way in which our mind organizes experiences we have” - Emanuel Kant. All existing calendar systems, moon based or sun based, recognizing and systematizing a notion of time, function in the same format: people are born to fill some slots during their lives, a tiny portion in time, compared to previous and future periods. While creating a history, giving a generational affiliation and orientation in time, the calendar system is short on the “human factor”, individual-less. It gives an environmental illusion of a space, while in reality just going by, indifferent to all the populations inhabiting through the ages. To fill the void, Project 59 created an alternative calendar system, generated by personal events and based on individual life experience (providing additional chances for celebrations). Recycling the Gregorian calendar, the alternative calendar project is your personal event calendar. Based on one day as a unit of time, it has 59 days in each month and 59 months in a year. The date of every life event can generate its own calendar and each month can be named by the people involved, in advance or as time goes on.

Place the date of your event in the date box, click on Calculate button and have the first alternative year of 59 months, generated by your event. To continue this calendar, place the last date in the box and calculate a second year, and so on. You may print your calendar and/or send it via e-mail.