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Couple 59 for 59 minutes is a participatory performance where two people perform number 59 for 59 minutes while searching for and take pictures with number 59. Created for The Unnoticed Art Festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands on 06.25.16 and first performed there by Lisanne van Brakel and Jolanda Jansen with a parallel performance in New York by Irina Danilova and Hiram Levy. The Unnoticed Art Festivals take place in undisclosed Dutch cities. Works chosen for the festival are carried out by a group of volunteers that become participants as well as audience along with accidental passers-by unaware of the occasion. Founder and curator of The Unnoticed Art Festival: Frans Van Lent. Couple 59 for 59 Minutes was later performed in Jamaica, Queens with Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful and in London by Natalie Wearden and Indigo Branscombe for Visions in the Nunnery.

Photo Documentation by Olga Zaikina


Photo Documentation by Jolanda Jansen

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