DINNER # 5 - Celebrating Marisa Rivera Navarro (59) during her and Patricia's
visit to Eva in New York (from Madrid) and 59th day after 59th birthday of
Laszlo Krasznahorkai
March 5, 2013 at 303 Beverley Road, Brooklyn, NY
Participants: Irina Danilova, Hiram Levy, Marisa Rivera Navarro (59),
Eva Rick Rivera, and Patricia Rick Rivera
Menu: 5for$59 Austrian Wine, Mushroom and Celery Soup, Indian Butter Chicken,
South Indian Vegetable Pilaf, Olive Oil Cake, 59 Mini-pretzel Dark Chocolate Bark




Mushroom and Celery Soup

Indian Butter Chicken

59 Chocolate Candies

Olive Oil Cake

Eva, Marissa and Patricia

5 Bottles of Austrian Wine for $59

South Indian Vegetable Pilaf


In their proper order

59 Mini-pretzel Dark Chocolate Bark

Between courses


Meals's End

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