et sim. RETURN
         THE SCHLECKER GALLERY. Kiel. Germany. April-June 2016

Works from the show with Vladimir Seleznev. While Vladimir in his mocking paintings was playing with images of K. Malevich, I made site specific installations, turning the walls into supremacist-like compositions. Both Vladimir and I were inspired by the theme, seeded by Marina Sokolovskaya’s discovery of the 1930’s report from a trip of a group of Uralmash workers by boat “Ukraine” to Hamburg, where they described passing by Kiel and waving to the gathering on the pier. Vladimir, who lives in Yekaterinburg, not far from Uralmash, was “waving” with a whimsical take on Russian Avant guard icon, K. Malevich, across the gallery space (part of the show I called “Uralmashet”), while I was representing naval Kiel and the western art outcome with a “59x59 Not Black Squares” installation from series "SOLute LEVITT", word Kiel made of 59 images of number 59 found in Kiel (including collages with popular sports players #5 and #9), The Reflections (no video) moving image installation of sun light on water, The Sun itself, made of 59 paper clips, A Net Work (59 strips, made of present from Daria Kostina from Yekaterinburg), Black Square a Monster, and a tower made of 59 caps, collected in Kiel. In the middle of the gallery space was a collaborative work, a take on Malevich’s Architecton. Unfortunately, due to lack of supply, there were less than 59 fruit cartons in it.
Curator: Detlef Schlagheck (who noted that it was in Kiel where the German proletariat was trying to take over in 1918, after the Russian Revolution).

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