The idea for "Landscapes" was conceived before the Cyrillic script standard was developed for the internet. The Romanization of Cyrillic has been widely used in early electronic communications. Well known examples of landscape descriptions in classical Russian literature were chosen to underline the unique awkwardness of that time. During the realization of this project it was found that a very famous, learned by heart (at school) quote about the river Dnepr by Nikolai Gogol, has exactly 59 words. Word count of the renown poem "Sail" by Mikhail Lermontov returned 60 but after eliminating the only dash, had 59 words. Lev Tolstoy's famous descriptions of the "sky" and the "oak" had a few extra words that were imperceptibly extracted. These seven Landscapes were part of the exhibition Qui Pro Quo, OkNo Gallery, Chelyabinsk, Ural region, Russia, Fall of 2017.

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