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Performance at Psuedo.com, the first online TV station, January 1999, part of Franklin Furnace's The Future of the Present program. MIR IS HERE was done with Steve Asbury. Irina Danilova was the Russian cosmonaut, Steve Asbury was an American astronaut. During the performance as they were putting on their spacesuits and equipment, they became entangled with each other. Computers were staying on each side. Irina and Steve were pulling each other trying to type on them while only one could reach to the keyboard. Eventually the phrase, HERE IS MIR, was typed ("here is peace" in translation from Russian). This was followed immediately by a scene of the explosion of space station MIR from the film Armageddon that premiered in the movie theaters at that time.


          SPACE WALK

Space Walk was performed by Irina Danilova with Steve Asbury at one of the busiest place in New York City, corner of 6 Ave and 34th street (near Macy's department store) in the fall of 1998. Video: Lisa Seidenberg

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