Installation, Mural (in Ural)
Gold leaf, Chalk, Bricks

One of the most noticeable factors in industry is “collective actions”, the mass labor involved in the process of production, where every member of the human swarm performs a specific function. However, unlike bees or ants, humans are endowed with individuality, capacity for reflection, facial expressions, styles, family histories, talents, etc. This work is a metaphorical wall of fame for this unending process, the clash of individual personality in functional quantities, the impossibility of gauging the individual component of the workforce in the phantasmagorical mega-performance of production. The bricks in a given section of the wall are numbered, and every 59th brick is gilded with composition gold leaf. Thus while all the bricks are individually counted, their total number remains unrevealed. Golden bricks represent outstanding individual achievements together with the contribution of the local industry to the economy (along with a nostalgic image of popular style in local dentistry).

The 1st Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg
Special Project at Worsted Factory

DAY 1: marking the bricks


DAY 2: gilding under driving rain
and freezing cold, no photos

DAY 3: finishing the gilding