2000 - ongoing

COLOR TABLE 59 was produced by Irina Danilova in 1999-2000 at the Longwood Art Residency, the Bronx's first digital art residency in New York.
The Color Table has 59 RGB HEX color codes based on the numbers 5 and 9. By the end of the Longwood Art Residency in the summer of 2000,
the Color Table had 16 digital projects (11 interactive Flash projects) that were shown at the Smack Melon Gallery, in Thundergulch in 2000, and
took part in the Ars Electronica festival in 2002. The Color Table was converted to HTML in 2006 and continues to fill up with ongoing projects,
represented by a web page. Each color in the table corresponds to a projectís page color. The ten interactive Flash projects, created in 2000,
were lost when Flash went out of business in 2021. Special thanks to Hiram Levy, Timothy Tkachenko, Alex Chernyahovsky and the
Longwood Art team for help with this project.